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OWhites who insist on calling us backward and with little wealth advance into our territories because they have already plundered everything they had. Meanwhile, the “vandals” rip up the statues of the genocidal in search of “justice”, as no heroic deed happened on the part of those who laid bare Brazil. All this madness that we see day and night in our country is reflecting the great fake news that the history books, monuments, street names count, silencing the tragedies they committed to perpetuate in power. To my people, the white man was called Peka Sahâ, man of fire, capable of destroying everything he touches. He is the one who steals and who kills with his insatiable greed.

Indigenous peoples have never built monuments, because this way of seeing the world through male heroes is a fantasy created by the white man to sell his war products. We would rather practice our ceremonies and speak with spirits than indulge in this suicidal savagery. Our riches are alive and only have “value” because they are alive. They are our earthly and spiritual homes, many of them known as sacred sites. They are the sacred mountains and waterfalls. We don't usually leave traces, garbage or violence where we go, so we exist and resist to continue being different peoples, whose values ​​are expressed in the simplicity of our collective rituals and body paintings.

To remove the veil of heroic illusion, it is necessary to include the voice of all those silenced. Let's take out the weapons of Borba Gato and Martin Bugreiro remembering: how many Indians were hunted, murdered and quartered? How many heads and ears were cut off to reward these white heroes? And it keeps happening. Yesterday it was the colonizers who killed us, today it is the miners, farmers and soybean planters. Let's label the names of companies and large corporations or deputies and bolsonaristas who want to kill Indians. We will paint the monuments with colors, adornments and mythological beings, such as the Big Cobra, so that it can swallow the memory of violence, transforming it into the cure that humanity so much needs. It is urgent that the systemic violence of colonization be exposed.

They are the same powerful that perpetuate in power. It is this sick colonizing thought that continues to finance the current wars: causing hunger, deforestation, the diseases and plagues that have come to us due to the imbalance of the colonizing culture. History should not be erased, it better be re-signified so that this memory serves as an example for us to generate a new consciousness.

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