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“Monument to the Flags”, by Brecheret: the present past

The Monument to the Flags, by Victor Brecheret, also known as Push-push and Let me push, is over a hundred years old, if we take into account that its first model dates from 1920. Situated...
Monuments: Statue of Borba Gato on fire. Image: reproduction of social networks.

Debate monuments: should we tear them down?

Fire at the Borba Gato statue, in São Paulo, reignites discussion about monuments, check out some points of this debate
bristol statue

Statue of anti-racist activist removed in England

As a form of protest, the work had been installed by an artist after the removal of a monument honoring the slave trader Edward Colston, in the British city of Bristol.

Colonization fake news

Indigenous peoples never built monuments, because this way of seeing the world through male heroes is a fantasy created by the white man to sell his war products.

What to do with the monuments of exaltation to the pioneers?

In the wake of the recent review of racist monuments around the world, with notable cases in England, Belgium and the USA, it is urgent to discuss the Brazilian case as well.

The pantheon of São Paulo's immortals: tropical delirium in Pátio do Colégio

In the context of the debate on controversial monuments in public squares, the article by Tadeu Chiarelli presents Adolfo A. Pinto's extravagant idea of ​​building a Civic Center in downtown São Paulo to honor the old and “new” pioneers.

Is it time to destroy the monuments of exaltation to the pioneers?

For Fabio Cypriano, history should not be erased or even pretend that it did not exist, as was done with the period of the military dictatorship in Brazil, but it is necessary to review these monuments and recontextualize them.

The Doctor and the Monuments

In 2020, the first model of the "Monumento à Bandeiras", by Brecheret, will be 100 years old. Based on a canvas by Almeida Jr., Tadeu Chiarelli exposes the demands of the São Paulo bourgeoisie to honor the bandeirantes, opposing them to the new positions against the bandeirantes and the Monument itself.

Giselle Beiguelman against barbarism and indifference

Check out Tadeu Chiarelli's text about Beiguelman's installations at the City Museum