FABIO CYPRIAN, art critic and journalist, is director of the Faculty of Philosophy, Communication, Letters and Arts at PUC-SP and is part of the editorial board of ARTE!Brasileiros. Cypriano writes about the culture wars on social media and also about the film The Back of Heaven, by the duo Dias & Riedweg.

MARIA HIRSZMAN She is a journalist and art critic. She worked at Jornal da Tarde and O Estado de São Paulo. She is a researcher in art history, with a master's degree from USP. In this edition, Maria writes about the events that recall the 1964 coup and interviews historian João Cezar de Castro Rocha.

LEONOR AMARANTE is a journalist, curator and editor. She worked at Jornal O Estado de S.Paulo, Veja magazine, TV Cultura and Memorial da América Latina. In this edition, he wrote the article about the Mexican city of Tijuana.

TALES AB'SÁBER is a psychoanalyst, essayist and filmmaker, professor of the philosophy of Psychoanalysis at the Federal University of São Paulo. Winner of two Jabutis awards, Ab'Sáber is the author of, among others, Lulism, pop charisma and anti-critical culture (Hedra, 2011). In this edition, he responds to critic João Cezar de Castro Rocha's question about his documentary Intervention, Love doesn't mean much.

JOTABÊ MEDEIROS He is a reporter and biographer, among others, of the singer Belchior. He was a reporter for O Estado de S.Paulo and Folha de S.Paulo, among others. Jotabê writes an article about the power and prejudice strategies of churches.

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