"Redenção de Cã", 1895, oil on canvas, 199 x 166 cm, signed M. Brocos Rio de Janeiro. 1895. National Museum of Fine Arts Collection/Ibram Photo: Rômulo Fialdini

About the works and their titles

One day someone should write a book, or even an article, about the titles of works of art. To know if those, for whom today...
Detail of a work by Minas Gerais artist Sonia Gomes, present at the 35th São Paulo Biennial. Photo: Eduardo Simões

Dear Patricia or… This is what art is

In this article, Tadeu Chiarelli uses a document from the French poet Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867), who frequently wrote his criticisms as letters to the editor.
"The Raising of Lazarus" (1928), by Anita Malfatti. Courtesy: São Paulo Museum of Sacred Art

“I’m sorry, Anita dear”

In September 1928, back in São Paulo after five years in Paris, Anita Malfatti came across the city's cultural stagnation. Marasmus...

The modernist lady?

Which led me to read the entire biographical novel by Luiza Lobo, Fábrica de Lies: from Vale do Café to Arco...

'The decolonial turn in Brazilian art': Considerations to stir up the debate

The reading of The decolonial turn in Brazilian art (Editora Mireveja), by Alessandra Simões Paiva –, brought up several questions that, although related to...

Manuel Querino. Because Salvador is not Florence

In the April 1917 issue of Revista do Brasil, Monteiro Lobato began a review of the book Artists Baianos, authored by the man who even...
Portrait of Raphael Galvez, in the studio on Rua Lopes de Oliveira, in the 1980s

Petit maître

Art critic and professor Tadeu Chiarelli lists reasons to read the recently released autobiography of sculptor and painter Raphael Galvez

On the President's good looks

Research pointed out that 27% of Bolsonaro voters would vote for him for his personal image; Tadeu Chiarelli writes on the subject

Anthropophagy versus modernism

In the contrast between the two movements, it is important to recover the debate around the visual arts and the memory of Oswaldo Costa, an important critic of culture and art in the second half of the 20s, in São Paulo
Work by Tatiana Blass exhibited in the solo show "Reviravolta", at Galeria Millan. Photo: Disclosure

Tatiana Blass: on the threshold of matter and emptiness

Art critic and curator Tadeu Chiarelli writes about Tatiana Blass's new exhibition, "Reviravolta", on display at Galeria Millan