The suitcase crime

In the past, the gear did not have wheels or hide money. In the most famous case, it carried the body of a beautiful Italian girl.

1961, the year that parliamentarism in Brazil

Regime imposed by the military to limit the powers of President João Goulart lasted just 17 months and has already been rejected in two plebiscites.
fire light

Luz del Fuego and the “My body, my rules”

She was pure irreverence. Born 101 years ago and raised to reproduce the values ​​of the traditional family, Dora Vivacqua took other directions. Not because...

Juruna and the bribe to elect president

The Xavante federal deputy pocketed, but later returned, a bribe to vote for Paulo Maluf in the 1985 indirect presidential elections
burial edson luis

the March shots

Fifty years before Marielle's execution, the murder of student Edson Luís stopped Rio de Janeiro

Carnival was already smeared

Shrovetide It sounds like a bad word, but it's just the name of the precursor party of Carnival in Brazil. Inspired by medieval practices, Shrovetide had no...
Cartoon by J. Carlos reflects Getúlio's strategy to ward off competitors – Photo- Reproduction

Banana peels and the Estado Novo

Under the pretext of a communist threat, Getúlio Vargas decreed an extreme right-wing nationalist regime inspired by fascism 80 years ago.
In New York, Owens had to use a service elevator to reach the reception in his honor.

Jesse Owens and White Supremacy

American sprinter who overturned the Aryan superiority thesis defended by Hitler was discriminated against at home

Boca Maldita, the stronghold of free manifestation in Curitiba

Space hosted the first major rally by Diretas Já, an essential movement for the end of the military dictatorship
Strikers in front of Crespi, the first factory to stop in 1917 (Photo: reproduction)

Even children folded their arms in the 1917 general strike

They worked in factories and, like women, earned even less than men. 100 years ago everyone stopped, fighting for their rights