For ARTE!Brasileiros artistic production is permeated by the encounter of countless variables that comprise the contemporary subject. Social, economic, cultural and psychological conditions of the individual determine ethical and aesthetic choices. It is for this reason that, throughout human history, art works as a mirror capable of returning an image of itself and what we see in it. An image capable of creating an accumulation of questions for the subject who observes it. An image that disturbs us in some way. The return of the work's image, which is almost a kaleidoscope, is capable of provoking questions and emotions, which are unique to each observer. In this sense, the most important thing when we come into contact with the work of art is not just the encyclopedic knowledge that we can obtain about it, but the “experience with it”.

Tomie Ohtake Untitled, 2014 Acrylic on canvas 150 x 250 cm





Tomie Ohtake Museum - Sao Paulo, Brazil



Expectation X Reality

STATE SCHOOL DR. OCTÁVIO MENDES, by Caio de Jesus Assunção - 1st A. Professor Paula Vaz Guimarães de Araújo


The visit

STATE SCHOOL DR. OCTÁVIO MENDES, by Kauê Tupinambá – 1st A . Professor Paula Vaz Guimarães de Araújo


Visit to Instituto Tomie Ohtake

STATE SCHOOL DR. OCTÁVIO MENDES, by Riquelme dos Santos Santana – 1st B. Professor Paula Vaz Guimarães de Araújo

our project

The most important thing when we come into contact with the work of art is not just the encyclopedic knowledge that we can obtain about it, but the “experience with it”.

In this sense, ARTE!Brasileiros proposes to join the initiative of Museums and Cultural Institutions, adding to the efforts of the respective educational institutions.

For this, it will encourage, in partnership with coordinators and teachers from public and private schools, visits by high school students to properly programmed exhibitions that, after the activity, will have the possibility to develop a unique text, from their vision and experience and send it to our newsroom, where, monthly, our experts will choose the three best texts by school. The chosen texts will be published and disseminated in this space and on the networks through intagran/face/portal, artebrasileiros and and through the websites of participating museums or institutions and schools.

The initiative seeks to systematize the experience, in addition to creating an inevitable network of dissemination on the importance of art as a pivot for the development of the subject and its role in education.

Tomie Ohtake Institute

Since 2002, Instituto Tomie Ohtake's Center for Culture and Participation has been carrying out an intense program that promotes the learning and experimentation of art and culture by audiences of all ages and social profiles. In the planning of the institution's educational actions, we seek to bring the design of exhibition programs closer to art education. Fulfilling the role of cultural diffuser, the Institute has been training public school teachers in art education, with the aim of providing tools for their professional and educational activities.

The partnership with the project ARTE!SCHOOL consists of offering mediated visits to groups of students and teachers from participating schools.

The mediated visits last up to 2 hours and the action also includes the performance of a practical and/or poetic activity. The studio, or practical activity, aims to reflect and learn about art from praxis. It is an activity designed based on the exhibition visited, with the development of a specific studio for each show, which can use the most different types of materials, techniques and artistic languages.

The educational program serves an average of 30 people a year and seeks to expand the forms of connection between people and the fields of art and culture and create democratic spaces for meeting and social transformation.

Participation Methodology

As of July 2018, public and private high schools will be able to register for the Project ARTE!School:

- Promoting visits by first, second and third high school students to shows, exhibitions and performances, organized by a Cultural Institution, Museum or Cultural Center, which already develops this work as part of its programming or its department of culture, education and communication.

- To promote interest on the part of pedagogical coordinators and/or teachers to involve students in the visitation and invite them to develop a text about their experience with any of the works or a reflection on the experience.

- Students will forward, through the school, the texts for the writing of the ARTE!Brasileiros, where a team will evaluate the texts and choose, monthly, up to three texts per registered school.

- Preferably, texts should be written in digital language and submitted in .doc format.

- The texts must have:
Title - Up to 30 characters
Thin Lines – A relevant sentence that the student considers presents their text in up to 160 characters
Text – Between 3000 and 3500 characters

- The dates for delivery of texts will always be agreed by the school responsible and ARTE!Brasileiros will publish the chosen texts within one month after delivery.

- The choice of texts to be published will be made by the direction and editorial board of


The project is the result of a partnership between the magazine ARTE!Brasileiros and the Instituto Tomie Ohtake to promote the interaction of young students with art and writing.

When filling out the form, please review the responses before submitting them. For more questions, write to

After registration is completed, the ARTE!EscolA will contact the person in charge to schedule an interview.

Reports from schools in museums