"Mosquitoes Also Cry". PHOTO: Frieze London/ Publicity.

Curated by the American Ralph Rugoff, the Venice Biennale presents for the first time in its history an official program of performances, which take place in parallel with the main exhibition and the shows in the national pavilions. Among the 14 selected projects, which address issues related to “current emergencies”, is Mosquitoes also cry, by Brazilian Vivian Caccuri.

The work is a performance lecture that delves into the intricacies of the feeling of hatred towards the noises of mosquitoes, through a historical perspective of tropical diseases, sound theories and other empirical/invented ones.

In his research, Caccuri uses sound as a vehicle to explore perception, under aspects related to historical and social conditioning. Through objects, installations and performances, the artist creates situations that disorient the everyday experience, interrupting meanings and narratives registered in the collective unconscious.

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