Beuys VI Seminar ARTE!Brasileiros
Work from the series Difesa della natura (Defense of Nature), 1984, by Joseph Beuys. Photo: Disclosure

Ethis year we complete 10 years of arte!brasileiros, One publication who thinks art inserted in contemporaneity, as an attitude, as a way of acting and feeling in face of reality. In October, on the 8th and 9th, from 9:30 am to 12:30 am, we are pleased to host our VI International Seminar, this time in virtual format, in the midst of one of the biggest trials of recent years. 

In the world, and in Brazil specifically, the floodgates of a dam seem to have been opened, and almost as in a fictional movie, monsters of all kinds, capable of updating the atrocities that were already part of our colonial history, came out in a stampede. The arson fires in the Amazon, in the Pantanal, the contamination of forest peoples, the brutal and murderous violence against black women and men and the sexual abuse against women have become a dark spectacle. We live in a scenario of disregard for life, with the idea of ​​humanization. 

The pandemic only made this feeling worse. 

The world of art and culture is also undergoing systematic attacks on the networks of hate that spread across the internet. Censorship reaches the absurdity of questioning nudes on museum screens. 

This debate has already had as its protagonist the German artist Joseph Beuys, who from 1980 to 1985 produced in Italy a series called Defense of Nature, which sought to expand and overcome the concept of art using not only ecological concepts, but a broader perspective of reviewing human action itself. 

O “VI International Seminar ARTE!Brasileiros: In defense of nature and culture – the art of the possible”, carried out in partnership with the Goethe Institute, search, to bring to the public several of the themes that gained urgency in this period and the exhibition efforts that were developed in several international exhibitions that could not get to develop fully in the pandemic context.

The meeting will meet virtually, broadcast through Youtube and various digital platforms; artists, philosophers, scientists, environmentalists and curators who have been working in this complex landscape for a long time.

Will be present the Italian philosopher Franco “Bifo” Berardi, important thinker on the post-pandemic future. the environmental leader Ailton krenak, one of the most powerful voices of that time, the artist and indigenous activist Naiara Tukano and the scientist Antonio Donato Nobre that will address crucial issues that affect the life of the planet and the attack on indigenous peoples. The Argentinian curator and researcher Andrea Giunta, responsible for the last Mercosul Biennial, and the duo Barbara Wagner and Benjamin de Burca, from Manifesta13, will present the issues of restriction of individual freedoms and the defense of gender diversity.

the curators of Berlin Biennale, the Brazilian Lisette Lagnado and the spanish Agustin Perez Rubio, as well as the Brazilian artist Aline Bahia and the Guatemalan artist Edgar Calel, who participate in the biennial. The exhibition, which was suspended in April and opened, with restrictions to the public on September 4-6, addresses topics such as the fight against fanaticism and extractivism, the vulnerability of individuals living in camps or in a situation of confinement, and the existence of bodies sexdissidents.

Finally, the trio of curators Diane Lima, Beatriz Lemos and Thiago de Paula Souza, in front of Frestas – Arts Triennale, that happens partially in Sorocaba, will bring reflections on the themes that the event addresses, such as the displacement of geographical axes in contemporary art and the development of strategies for social listening, participation and public education! We are waiting for you all!

Curatorial Committee: Patricia Rousseaux, editorial director arte!brasileiros, Fabio Cypriano, director of the PUC_SP communication course, art critic.


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