Scene from the video "Bang-Bang". PHOTO: Disclosure

From this Saturday, May 25th, the Rio de Janeiro artist Raul Mourão presents the exhibition Introduction to the Theory of Absolute Opposites, at Galeria Nara Roesler, in São Paulo. The individual brings together sculptures, photographs, paintings and videos, and incorporates poetic commentary on the country's sociopolitical context.

At work The New Brazilian Flag, for example, the artist cuts out the blue circle of the Brazilian flag, creating a hole where there were stars and the phrase “order and progress”. “This flag is a gesture of deconstruction, a subtle physical intervention in a fabric object, creating a work that has the synthesis of a cartoon”, explains the artist in the exhibition's publicity text.

The artist Raul Mourão. PHOTO: Disclosure

In addition, large sculptures, which sometimes resemble installations, dialogue with others on a smaller scale, created with everyday objects such as cups, bottles and bricks. The artist’s research on urban iconographies – such as railings, tavern objects and graphic signage elements – are also present in photographs, and the video bang bang brings up the theme of violence and hatred for artistic creation.

On the opening day, between 11 am and 19 pm, there will be a guided tour, chat, live video, performance and other activities, with the participation of names such as Guilherme Wisnik, Fábio Faissal, Lenora de Barros, Lúcia Koch, Afonso Tostes and Dj Nepal .

Introduction to the Theory of Absolute Opposites

Av. Europa, 655 – Jardim Europa, São Paulo

From 25/05 to 20/07

Av. Europa, 655 – Jardim Europa, São Paulo – SP

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