Drawing made for Eduardo Navarro's project. PHOTO: Disclosure

Argentine artist Eduardo Navarro presents at Pivô, in São Paulo, the project "Instant Prediction of Time”, a large installation composed of 30 costumes that will be activated by performers and dancers throughout the exhibition. For the project, commissioned by the São Paulo cultural association in partnership with the Inclusartiz Institute, Navarro started with research on the movement of the winds. According to the exhibition's presentation text, “the artist creates a kind of 'clothes-sock' that connects the body with the moving air”.

The clothes created by the artist with nylon-based fabric – commonly used in parachutes and umbrellas – replicate the “wind-ballet” of wind indicators through the movement of the wearer. Together with the São Paulo dancer and choreographer Zélia Monteiro, Navarro developed a series of choreographic movements in which dancers investigate the plastic potential and efficiency of these devices in response to, and in relation to, wind currents inside and outside Pivô. At the beginning and end of the exhibition, two actions are scheduled, in addition to public programs in which visitors are invited to experience them.

“Eduardo Navarro's work investigates possible points of convergence between art and science, paying special attention to the possibilities of dialogue between species. The artist often works with collaborators from different technical areas who help him to develop special devices to measure, map and investigate the effects of natural phenomena on the human experience, thus opening up new possibilities for contact and interaction with our immediate surroundings. His proposals range from complex choreography to edible drawings, in which he starts from sensory experiences to challenge the western separation between nature and culture”, says the exhibition text.

Eduardo Navarro – Instant Weather Prediction
Pivô – Copan Building, store 54 – Avenida Ipiranga, 200
Until July 27

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