Tapestry by Genaro de Carvalho. PHOTO: Disclosure

With paintings, engravings, tapestries, porcelain, sculptures, photographs and films, a large exhibition at the Afro Brasil Museum, in São Paulo, pays tribute to Bahia and the Bahians. Opening this Tuesday, the 7th, The City of Bahia, Baianas and Baianos Also curated by Emanoel Araújo and brings together works produced in different periods, from the baroque to modernity.

“This exhibition talks about some facts and people, especially artists, men and women. Women who made Bahia this magical, unusual and precious city, of all the saints, with a lot of sensuality and little shame, which disappears through the slopes and winding streets”, says Araújo in the introductory text.

The core of the show is dedicated to Bahian modernism, represented by names such as Carlos Bastos, Genaro Antônio Dantas de Carvalho, José Adário dos Santos and Rubem Valentim. In another section, photographs, magazines and publications honor illustrious Bahian women such as Carmen Miranda, Marta Rocha and Helena Ignez. There are also photos and paintings by Jorge Amado, Dorival Caymmi and Mãe Menininha do Gantois, as well as plaster busts of the heroes of the Revolta dos Alfaiates, also known as Conjuração Baiana.

Bahian baroque art gains space with 18th century paintings by Joaquim da Rocha, Teófilo de Jesus and Veríssimo de Freitas, as well as tiles and period objects. The exhibition also features a set of photographs by Mário Cravo Neto and 19th-century watercolors by English artist Maria Graham, depicting the daily life of Bahian women in Salvador. Rounding out the show are films by Glauber Rocha and Trigueirinho Neto, among others.

The City of Bahia, Baianas and Baianos Also

Afro Brazil Museum – Ibirapuera Park – Av. Pedro Alvares Cabral, s/n.

Until September 1, 2019

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