Works by Moses Patricio. Photo: Silvia Balady/ Publicity
Works by Moisés Patrício present in the exhibition. Photo: Silvia Balady/ Publicity

MMore accustomed to exhibiting works, objects and publications from past centuries, the Museu de Arte Sacra de São Paulo (MAS/SP) has also turned, in more recent times, to the production of contemporary art that dialogues with the themes dealt with by the institution. It is in this line of action that the LUZ Contemporânea project took shape at the museum, curated by the Canadian Simon Watson, which will mount a total of 12 individual or group exhibitions in São Paulo. After the display of Body and soul, by João Trevisan, which ran until the end of June, the museum now presents the second show in the series, Esperança , open until August 22.  

With works by 12 artists – Ana Júlia Vilela, Andrey Rossi, Desali, Enivo, João Trevisan, Leandro Júnior, Lidia Lisbôa, Mag Magrela, Moses Patricio, Paulo Nazareth, Thiago Rocha Pitta and Yasmin Guimarães -, the exhibition dialogues directly with the current times of crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as Watson explains in the promotional text: “Seen through the lens of various contemporary artistic practices, Esperança  is a kaleidoscopic curatorial observation seeking a response to the 18 months of the pandemic. For many of us, the past year has seemed to drag on, slowly and painfully. It was a time of waiting and hope, a time of self-reflection. A period that awakened consciences, both personal and collective, in response to a global health crisis; how each of us relates to one another and how we share our collective health”.

That way, Esperança seeks to create a feeling of acceptance, of looking forward, of being welcomed. As a motto for the exhibition, one of the concepts that interconnect the works are the multiple ways in which the hands and bodies of the artists are present in the creation of these works of art. “By reaffirming their presence, these artists confirm our existence as humans and, with the presence of their hand, we are reminded of our impermanence, the fragility of our lives. And because they are works of art, they have a permanence in the record of our time. In the presence of the artist's hand, we find personal signs of purpose, determination and hope”, concludes the curator.

The 54 works – two-dimensional, three-dimensional, technological – by Esperança , which cover various techniques such as watercolors, paintings, graffiti, sculptures, photographs and video performances, are displayed in the temporary exhibition room at MAS/SP as well as in its internal garden – Jardim do Claustro. Each work is accompanied by a critical text signed by guest curators Thierry Freitas, Márcio Harum, Fernando Mota, Carlo McCormick, André Vechi, Jackson Gleize, Mirella Maria, Gabriela Longman, Guilherme Teixeira, Janaina Barros, Ulisses Carrilho and Carollina Lauriano.  

O Museum of Sacred Art of São Paulo (MAS/SP) is located in the city center, at Avenida Tiradentes, 676 – Luz (next to Tiradentes Metro station). Visitation takes place from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11 am to 17 pm. Hientry (click here) costs R$ 6,00 (full), R$ 3,00 (half national admission for students, teachers from the private network and ID Jovem – upon proof) and admission is free on Saturdays.

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