Amanda Mijangos' work that is on show. PHOTO: Disclosure

Conceived from the Ibero-América Ilustra Catalog – an editorial project that annually gathers, since 2010, works by illustrators born in Ibero-American territory – the exhibition Graphic Inventions in Ibero-American Illustration occupies the Instituto Tomie Ohtake from the 2nd of July.

Curated by Brazilian illustrator and artist Fernando Vilela, the show features 40 works by 12 illustrators – from nine countries – selected from the more than 300 artists who have already worked on the project. “These wordless narratives – sometimes dreamlike, enigmatic, ironic or reflective – point to experimental paths, showing that the power of Ibero-American illustration makes it an important aspect of the territory of contemporary art”, says Vilela in the presentation text. of exposure.

“The illustrations in this show escape from a representation of a naturalistic bias, assuming the flat two-dimensional surface, using overlaps, juxtapositions, mixing the languages ​​of collage, engraving, painting, drawing and the use of digital techniques”, completes Vilela.

The exhibition includes: Ixchel Estrada (Mexico); Joan Negrescolor (Spain); Maria Luque (Argentina); Roger Ycaza (Ecuador); Manuel Marsol (Spain); Marta Madureira (Portugal); Laerte Silvino (Brazil); Amanda Mijangos (Mexico); Matías Acosta (Uruguay); Catalina Carvajal (Colombia); Sol Undurraga (Chile); and Juan Bernabeu (Spain).

On July 18, the illustrators selected for the Ibero-América Ilustra 2019 Catalog will also be announced, which marks the tenth edition of the project. On the same day, at 19:XNUMX pm, a roundtable will feature the participation of Fernando Vilela and guest illustrators.

Graphic Inventions in Ibero-American Illustration
Instituto Tomie Ohtake – Av. Faria Lima 201, Pinheiros, Sao Paulo
from 2th to 28th of July

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