Sculpture by José Resende. PHOTO: Cesar Fernandes

Dedicated to exhibiting the work of the artist and sculptor José Resende, the José Resende Institute was inaugurated in the small town of São José do Barreiro – located between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. With ample spaces in the midst of the rural landscape, the IJR presents in its inaugural exhibition, curated by Ronaldo Brito, a selection of works produced from the 1960s to the present day.

“The Institute is intended to fulfill two basic tasks: to exhibit the artist’s sculptures in an integral manner, taking into account its intrinsic poetic logic, and to act as the emitting pole of the work in the world”, says the institute’s presentation text – which has 1.200 m2 divided into an internal and an external area. The idea is that different curators are invited to set up new exhibitions every four or five months.

Resende’s vast production, created with a variety of materials such as steel, straw, stones, copper tubes, rebar, lead sheets, leather, glass and paraffin, “now has an unprecedented, generous area to unleash your ingenious maneuvers.” ”, according to the institute’s text. The space, which did not have public or private sponsorship to be created, is the result of a project conceived by Resende and the dealer Paulo Fernandes, who has represented the artist for decades.

Resende, who studied engraving and graduated in architecture, is known for having created, alongside other artists, the Grupo Rex, in 1966, and for having participated in the founding of the Centro de Experimentação Artística Escola Brasil, in 1970. hence the artist participated in several exhibitions – individual and collective – over the decades and became one of the great names of contemporary Brazilian sculpture.

The cultural space opens on Saturdays and Sundays and receives visits on weekdays by appointment. See detailed information on the website

José Resende Institute
Tropeiros Highway km 260, no 171, Sao Jose do Barreiro, SP
Opening exhibition: from 19 May to 18 August


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