Announcement of the Brazilian edition of the online fair Not Cancelled, made through its Instagram.

RBringing together 56 galleries from different Brazilian cities, the Not Cancelled Brasil art fair holds its first edition between June 10 and July 9, 2020. The fair, which will only work virtually, appears as a market alternative in the context of the pandemic of Covid-19 and after the cancellation of in-person fairs in Brazil and worldwide.

On the event website (, which will be available during the period of the fair, the visitor will be able to see the works of the artists selected by each gallery – 101 artists participate in the fair -, in addition to accessing live daily content, such as broadcasts, interviews, lectures and guided tours. To give greater dynamism to the event, the online program will be changed weekly, varying artists and galleries that will be exposed.

“Not cancelled” is a project developed by the Vienna-based agency TREAT and opened in April 2020 in the wake of the closure of museums, galleries, art fairs and other cultural events. After its launch with the Vienna fair, it was reproduced with editions in Berlin, Paris, Warsaw, Chicago, Dubai, Eastern and Southern Europe, Southern USA, among others. All of them with week-long events. (learn more here)

The Brazilian edition, organized from the initiative of Karla Osorio Netto, a gallery owner from Brasília, is the first one to last a month. As the event's presentation text explains, it is an independent project bringing together most of the country's main contemporary art galleries, including medium and small-sized houses. “It is crucial that all galleries stay in touch to increase their visibility nationally and within a global context. Due to the fact that the pandemic is bringing all global activities to a halt for the immediate future, these galleries have been particularly affected as they are also dependent on visibility outside of their local markets.” 

In this sense, the text concludes:Instead of each struggling alone or at the local level for visibility, we thought of celebrating the artistic activities of the country as a whole, joining forces, and we got support from an already existing international platform, at almost no cost to the galleries. This is the first international level online fair held in Brazil and has the support of ABACT – Brazilian Association of Contemporary Galleries.”

The houses participating in this first edition are: Gentil Carioca; AM Gallery; Support 60; Anita Schwartz; Athena; Aura; Berenice Arvani; Bergamin & Gomide; Bianca Boeckel; Art Scholarship; C. Gallery; Carbon; Triangle House; New house; Horse; Celma Albuquerque; Central Gallery; Dan Gallery; Eduardo Fernandes; Season; Forts d'Aloia and Gabriel; Gaby Indio do Brasil; Janaina Torres; Jaqueline Martins; Karla Osorio; Kogan Amaro; Helm Gallery; Luciana Brito; Luciana Caravello Contemporary Art; Luisa Strina; fire; Mammoth; Marcelo Guarnieri; Marilia Razuk; Mario Cohen; Mendes Wood DM; Millan; Multiple Space Art; Nara Roesler; OH Gallery; OMA Gallery; Periscope; Pinakotheke; Vilaseca doors; Rachel Arnaud; VR Culture and Art; See Gallery; Silvia Cintra + Box 4; Simões de Assis; Sum Gallery; Surface; Red; Verve; Ybakatu; Zipper and 55SP.

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