Painting by Fabio Baroli. PHOTO: Disclosure

Zipper Galeria presents simultaneously, starting this Saturday, May 11th, the exhibitions of the artists Fábio Baroli and Monica Piloni, the first time that both exhibit individually at the São Paulo house.

titled JUNGLE, the exhibition by Baroli – born in Uberaba and based in São Paulo – brings together a series of paintings that have the characteristic landscapes of the Atlantic Forest as their starting point. From them, the artist proposes a reflection on the action of man in the environment, as he explains in the introductory text: “The aim is to establish intercommunication, through art, between the complex and sensitive relationships of human beings and their occupations, in their broad sense of possession, office, and place.

Monica Piloni, in turn, presents the exhibition Cycle, with a series of sculptures that distort the human body with dismemberment, omissions or multiplication of elements, “generating unnatural and often uncomfortable forms”, according to the introductory text.

From molds produced in her own body, the artist modifies the original anatomy, arriving at figures that are often no longer identified as bodies and become mysterious objects. “The data of the unrecognizable is something that moves me. I investigate whether there is a pleasure behind the fear. My work depends on the public's reaction. I need this answer, this mirror,” she says.


Cycle (Monica Piloni) and JUNGLE (Fábio Baroli)

Zipper Galeria – R. United States 1494, Jardim América, São Paulo

From May 11rd to June 8th

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