Performer Emilie Sugai is in the center of the photo, blindfolding herself with a red sash. The lighting of the image is all red, contextualizing one of the moments of the AKA show
Emilie Sugai at the AKA show. Photo: Emidio Luisi

A abstract art of Tomie Ohtake takes new form in AKA. Conceived by the performer Emilie Sugai and the director Lee Taylor, the show proposes an interdisciplinary dialogue between contemporary visual and scenic arts, with reference to Japanese Butoh dance. The presentations will take place virtually and will be broadcast free of charge by Sympla in sessions from January 28 to 31 and February 4 to 7.

In addition to a tribute, the project investigates the pictorial and sculptural universe of Tomie Ohtake. “We are not going to show her works, but it is as if, through the dance, the painting was being born from my body”, explains the performer Emilie Sugai in an interview with the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo. AKA develops from a scenic script composed of four moments, each one related to a language developed by the artist: sketch, engraving, painting and sculpture. In order to reinforce the sensorial proposal, these moments have distinct predominant colors, based on the most used tones in Tomie's works: white, yellow, blue and red.

The project, which received the ProAC Award from the Secretary of Culture and Creative Economy of the State of São Paulo for the production and season of unprecedented dance shows, was designed in person for the pre-pandemic period. Due to the conditions of social isolation and health security, it was translated into an audiovisual format, under the eyes of filmmaker Joel Pizzini.

Emilie Sugai at the AKA show. Photo: Emidio Luisi/Production

AKA is supported by the Japan Foundation, Tomie Ohtake Institute, Santa Luz and FAAP Theater and is developed in partnership with the Center for Performing Arts (NAC).

Free sessions (online) via Sympla – to book the ticket, click here.
28th to 31st of January and from 04th to 07th of February 2021
Thursday at 19pm | Friday and Saturday at 20h | Sunday at 17 pm
Duration: minute 40


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