The exposure VKHUTEMAS: the future under construction, presented in Sesc Pompeii until September 30, it celebrates the centenary of the eponymous Soviet university institution, bringing together pieces of art and design that were developed by names that passed through there.

It is the first time in the Americas that a wide variety of works related to the school are presented, works that have been recreated for the show.

Curators Neide Jallageas and Celso Lima gathered around 300 works by 75 artists, coming from the 100 members and more than 2500 students who passed through VKHUTEMAS.

Created from a junction between the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture and the Stroganov School of Applied Arts, the institution was born from a decree by Vladimir Lenin, driven by a desire of the Russian Revolution to train excellent professionals in the arts. , having important projects in the areas of fashion, design, architecture, printing and furniture.

The institution was based on the vanguard of aesthetic thought, especially with regard to futurism, rationalism, suprematism and constructivism.

In the exhibition, the public will find works by great names such as Rodchenko, Popova, Tátlin, Kandinsky. The pieces range from clothes to hydraulic bathroom floors, furniture and ceramic objects, among others, showing a vast scenario of the movement's creations.


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