The random papers of our daily lives can be discarded, but the memory of them stays in our memory. That's what the exhibition Ephemeral Papers: graphic memories of everyday life, on display at Sesc Ipiranga until September 9, proof.

Bringing together several pieces that tell 100 years of graphic printing history, the exhibition is a nostalgic trip for the public that lived especially in the 20th century. of São Paulo, the Ipiranga Museum.

Labels, packaging, posters, candy wrappers… Unusual things that no one says can be part of a museum can be seen in the exhibition, which is curated by designer Chico Homem de Mello and the director of the Ipiranga Museum Solange Ferraz de Lima.

The visitor will take a journey from the creation of the press, with typographic clichés, to the internet age, with magazine covers no longer printed and started to appear only virtually. Ephemeral Papers it is a plate full of memories and curiosities.


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