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Ditamapa home screen

“Ditamapa” points to the ghosts of authoritarianism

Project counts streets, viaducts and avenues named after authoritarian figures of the 1964 dictatorship; Through Google Street View images, Ditamapa allows to see the rubble of the Brazilian Miracle and the ruins of our present

Collaborative project brings together galleries and cultural spaces on a virtual platform

Transe will work on the website of the gallery Fortes D'Aloia e Gabriel as a network of collaboration and exhibition of artistic works that will be renewed every three months; first stage has nine cultural entities
Quarantine art market

The wheel that keeps turning, now on the internet

Traditional art fairs such as Basel and Frieze, in addition to unprecedented ones such as Not Cancelled, drive sales by Brazilian galleries through virtual means and raise discussions about the exhaustion of a model based on incessant displacements across the globe.
Art at stake: the challenges of the virtual

Art at stake: the challenges of the virtual

By making it impossible to visit the exhibition spaces, the quarantine made it mandatory to search for alternative solutions for fruition.