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The fear of walking on the streets

Unprecedented research shows that fear of going out for daily activities affects 83% of women
Marielle Franco. Ninja Media

American singer Katy Perry pays tribute to Marielle Franco

Marielle Franco was the fifth councilor with the most votes in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Her driver, Anderson Gomes, covered the medical license of a colleague

Do they know it's Christmas?

*By João Alberto Alves Amorim I could start this text by pointing out the approach of the end of the year, a period in which, once again, we surrender to the most varied consumerist feasts that these days have become,...
Rio de Janeiro - The Federal Police and the Army carry out a procedure for the destruction of approximately 4000 weapons collected by the PF in the last two years (Tânia Rêgo:Agência Brasil)

More weapons, more kills

With a strong arms industry, Brazil ranks among the world powers in the production and commercialization of firearms.