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Untitled (2023), Rafael Pereira. Photo: João Liberato

An artist shaped by migrations, affective memories and self-knowledge

Portraits with expressive eyes are a hallmark of Rafael Pereira's production, who until the 20th (Saturday) presents his first solo show at Galeria Estação, in São Paulo. Curated by Tiago Sant’Ana,...
Art dealer Vilma Eid at her Galeria Estação, in São Paulo. Photo: Disclosure

Vilma Eid, one of the great patrons of Brazilian popular art

Whenever Vilma's Eid birthday approached, her mother used to present her daughter with a work of art, whether it was a painting or a sculpture. At 21, already married, her mother...

At Galeria Estação, “Reversos e Transversos” seeks to dissolve the dichotomy between popular and erudite art

Curated by Ayrson Heráclito, the exhibition establishes parallels between popular artists segregated by the art system and established names, with whom they maintain approximations, in different biennials, over seven decades

Recently launched, Projeto Lorenzato has already cataloged around 300 works by the painter from Minas Gerais

The Amadeo Luciano Lorenzato Project was launched last month, which seeks to identify and catalog the works of the artist from Minas Gerais on a digital, continuous and open platform. With the support of Itaú Cultural, the initiative started from the...

Exhibition at Galeria Estação brings Samico in its essence

Curated by Ivo Mesquita, the exhibition brings together works from different periods in the life of the famous printmaker from Pernambuco