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CURA BH has an open call for artists

Institutions and projects have open calls for artists

Bienal Sesc_Videobrasil, CURA 2022, Instituto Inclusartiz and Festival Ubatuba open public notices during the month of August; learn more about initiatives and application requirements
Alexandre da Cunha

“REVIRAVOLTA” takes the Videobrasil collection to Espírito Santo

On display until September at MAES and at Galeria Homero Massena, in Vitória, the exhibition highlights the political vocation that runs through the video production of the Global South

Videobrasil: four decades with a south-facing lens

After an unstable period, Videobrasil announces for 2023 the holding of the 22nd Bienal Sesc_Videobrasil, 40 years after the first festival

Bernardo José de Souza participates in the new Videobrasil Commented Collection

In the episode, the work of South Korean artist Ayoung Kim is analyzed, which questions ideas of border, crossing and coexistence.
"Myxomatosis", Solon Ribeiro, Videobrasil Commented Collection. Photo: Disclosure.

Rosely Nakagawa participates in the new Videobrasil Commented Collection

The curator analyzes the work "Myxomatosis", by Solon Ribeiro, and highlights how, through the superposition of images in a slaughterhouse, Ribeiro criticizes the film industry
Ayoung Kim

The extinction of borders is what defines change

* By Bernardo José de Souza Borders establish limits between one space and another, or between something and something else. When demarcating territories, they impose themselves as arbitrary mapping, devising zones of power and...
Commented Collection VB "Insight", by Sebastián Díaz Morales. Photo: Publicity / Artist's website.

“Insight”, by Sebastián Díaz Morales, in the new Videobrasil Commented Collection

Curator and artist Nicolas Soares analyzes the work of Díaz Morales and highlights elements that question reality and its representation, what the image is and when it is formed
Still from 1978 - Submerged City, by Caetano Dias. Courtesy Videobrasil.

“1978 – Cidade Submersa”, in the new episode of the Videobrasil Commentary Collection

The video 1978 – Cidade Submersa, by Caetano Dias, shows the relationship of a fisherman with the memories of his old city. It is a documentary that sometimes mixes fiction and reality to...
Still from Amerika - Bahia de las setas. Photo: Disclosure.

Watch “Amérika – Bahia de las setas”, by Ana Vaz, in the new Commented Collection...

With an ethnographic and decolonizing visual exploration, artist Ana Vaz looks for different ways to explore history; in the new episode of Videobrasil, the curator and historian Sabrina Moura comments on her work "Amérika - Bahia de las setas"
Still from "Tomo" by Bakary Diallo. Courtesy Videobrasil

Videobrasil Commented Collection: Bakary Diallo

The work of the late Malian artist is the subject of the new episode of the Videobrasil Commentary Collection; in "Tomo", Bakary Diallo performs a ritual to honor the countrymen he lost to the war started in 2012 in his country