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Lina Bo Bardi in the park

Lina Bo Bardi's project for MAM São Paulo gains exposure

New exhibition at MAM São Paulo presents the renovation project carried out in the early 1980s by Italian-Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi. Curated by Gabriela Gotoda and Pedro Nery, the exhibition is...
Avenida Rebouças, transport axis in São Paulo that has been undergoing intense verticalization. Credit: Playback/Google Earth

Public discussion process of the Master Plan was a 'kind of staging', says Raquel...

The second vote on the revision of the Strategic Master Plan of São Paulo (PDE), which was scheduled to take place this Friday (23/6), at the City Council, was postponed again, to 26/6. If it passes through the municipal legislature,...

Paulo Mendes da Rocha: Brazil's last great modern architect

After his death, the arte!brasileiros recalls an interview given by Paulo Mendes da Rocha in 2016, in which the architect made it clear that, more than a specialist, the architect must be a thinker of the world, attentive to human needs and desires 
Paulo Mendes da Rocha at his office window in downtown São Paulo. Photo: Luiza Sigulem

Paulo Mendes da Rocha and the broad sense of architecture

In the context of his death, we recall an interview given by the architect to arte!brasileiros in 2016. In it, the architect criticizes the construction of Brasília, the discourse of “green architecture”, the idea of ​​popular housing and the educational system; talks about nature, art and urbanism and shows that an architect must be, more than a specialist, a thinker of the world