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Raquel Arnaud, in the MASP bay, in 1983. Credit: Personal archive

50 years of achievements

Talent, perseverance and attitude mark the story of Raquel Arnaud, a determined woman, who in the 1970s broke through the arrogance of the male world of the art market to become one of Brazil's gallerists...
Adriano Pedrosa, curator of the 60th Venice Biennale. Photo: Mauricio Jorge

Venice Biennale announces artists participating in its 60th edition

Curator of the 60th Venice Biennale, Adriano Pedrosa revealed this Tuesday (31) his plans for the exhibition, which will begin in April. With a total of 332 artists – compared to 213 in 2022 –,...
Work by Alina Okinaka, present in the exhibition "O curso do sol", at Gomide & Co. Photo: Edouard Fraipont

Aracy Amaral participates in a chat around the exhibition 'O curso do sol', at...

Art critic and historian Aracy Amaral will participate this Thursday (19), from 19pm, in a conversation with sculptor and ceramist Megumi Yuasa (São Paulo, 1938), one of the artists participating in the exhibition...
"Corners Corners", Maxwell Alexandre, 2019. Photo: Gabi Carrera.

“Pardo é Papel” or the epic grandeur of a people in formation

Presented at Tomie Ohtake Institute after passing through Lyon, Porto Alegre and Rio, Maxwell Alexandre's show portrays black people in everyday situations with a grandiose, consecrating and historic character

Exhibition celebrates 50 years of Edson Queiroz Foundation with old and contemporary works

What do the works of Salvador Dalí and Xico Stockinger have in common? What criteria would unite the works of Adriana Varejão and Sérgio Helle? In what context the paintings of Vicente Leite and...
Performer Emilie Sugai is in the center of the photo, blindfolding herself with a red sash. The lighting of the image is all red, contextualizing one of the moments of the AKA show

Butoh dance show takes Tomie Ohtake's work to the stage (digital)

Abstract art by Tomie Ohtake takes new form in AKA. Conceived by the performer Emilie Sugai and the director Lee Taylor, the show proposes an interdisciplinary dialogue between the visual and performing arts...

Afro-Atlantic Histories: a plural, diverse and militant art

Important exhibition occupied by MASP and Instituto Tomie Ohtake in 2018, Afro-Atlantic Histories discussed the commemoration of the 130th anniversary of the abolition of slavery

Agenda: Check out the highlights of the week August 11-17

Opening of the new Cultural Center of the Liceu de Artes e Ofícios de SP, Regina Silveira at MuBE and a collective at Carbono are some of the highlights

Art made by black people. You accept?

Conversation with Moisés Patrício about life as a black artist within the market and academia. In June, he participates in the exhibition Histórias Afro-Atlânticas

Agenda: Check out the highlights of the week 19th to 25th of May

First solo show by the French-Tunisian Ismaïl Bahri in Latin America, Instituto Tomie Ohtake at the Path Festival with Arte Atual, Marcelo Moscheta has an exhibition at Vermelho and two Rio galleries open exhibitions