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Tarsila's self-portraits, part III: the various resignifications of a matrix image...

The critic and columnist of arte!brasileiros Tadeu Chiarelli concludes his series of articles on Tarsila do Amaral’s self-portraits by analyzing these images that would become icons of the artist’s production and, ultimately, of São Paulo’s modernism.

Tarsila's self-portraits, part II: the “Achiropita” image

After analyzing Tarsila do Amaral's first self-portraits, the critic Tadeu Chiarelli publishes a text in which he talks about a second period of the artist's work, in which her portraits abandon the reference to the Spanish "paquitas" and start to dialogue with sumptuous images of the Catholic tradition.

Tupy or not Tupy that is the question

Exhibition by Tarsila do Amaral at MoMA and the idea that Brazilian modernism must be understood from its own history and from an independent perspective