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Seu Jovenil holding the portrait of his uncle, Otávio Caetano, cupópia master and community partygoer, undated. Quilombo Cafundó, 35th São Paulo Biennial. Courtesy: CEDAE - Alexandre Eulálio Cultural Documentation Center, State University of Campinas

35th São Paulo Biennial: The dance of the possible

The way we perceive the reality of life in society is dialectically affected by the experiences we develop in it, by the multiplicity of constructed relationships and hierarchies produced and established in territories governed by capitalism...
Gê Viana, "Mast lifting. Festa do Divino Espírito Santo", from the series "Traumatic Updates by Debret" (2020), exhibited at NECROBRASILIANA

Curated by Moacir dos Anjos, the exhibition “Necrobrasiliana” arrives in Recife this Thursday (15)

On display at Fundação Joaquim Nabuco, the show houses 26 works by 12 contemporary artists, who reinterpret Brazil’s colonial memory
at Martins

Never like now: the recent paintings by No Martins

With large works that contradict narratives in which need and violence are immediately associated with the daily lives of black people, the artist presents an artistic project that understands its social and historical dimension.
sidney amaral

“Live to the end what I have! – Sidney Amaral: an approach”; watch...

A arte!brasileiros visited the exhibition and spoke with curator Claudinei Roberto da Silva about the work of Sidney Amaral and his struggle for justice and equality for the Afro-Brazilian population
"Gargalheira or who will speak for us", Sidney Amaral, 2014. Photo: Private collection/Courtesy Sesc Jundiaí

Letter to Sidney Amaral

In the context of holding the exhibition "Viver até o fim o que me carne! - Sidney Amaral: approximation", at Sesc Jundiaí, artist and curator Daniel Lima writes a correspondence directed to the São Paulo artist, who died in 2017
Bem Me Quer, Mal Me Quer (2011), Sidney Amaral, exhibited in LIVING UNTIL THE END WHAT I FIT - SIDNEY AMARAL: AN APPROACH

Letter to Sidney Amaral

In the context of the exhibition “Live until the end what fits me! - Sidney Amaral: an approximation”, at Sesc Jundiaí, artist and curator Daniel Lima writes a correspondence addressed to the artist from São Paulo, who died in 2017

Dialog generation

*By Claudinei Roberto da Silva Judging by what we observe from the movement of museums, cultural institutions, galleries, formal and informal spaces, the production of black and black artists in the country has confirmed...

Pinacoteca do Estado: Radical Collection

Inclusive and bold. The new arrangement of the collection of the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, which opened at the end of last October, is a step forward in the institution's quality. In the previous version, the collection was...
Work by Heitor dos Prazeres, an important artist for Afro-Brazilian art studies

What do we talk about when we talk about Afro-Brazilian art?

If the history, memory, art and science of the excluded, the divergent and the peripheral are summoned to testify about the present moment, this denounces the emergence via insurgency of actors who demand protagonism, but also points to the exhaustion of a political model and economic, which in its throes threatens life on the planet

From Geiger to Sidney Amaral: the self-portrait collapse continues

Brazilian artists represent bodies beyond an "artistic selfie", seeking reflections far from the exploration of bourgeois subjectivity