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Traumas of the slavery regime are addressed in a Hollywood scenario

Exhibition with 12 black artists, 'An ocean to wash your hands' opens Centro Cultural Sesc Quitandinha, in Petrópolis
“Dos Brasis – Arte e Pensamento Negro” encourages Afro-Brazilian production

“Dos Brasis – Arte e Pensamento Negro” encourages Afro-Brazilian production

  With general curatorship by Igor Simões, the exhibition brings together 240 artists from all Brazilian states who present works in different artistic languages. From 2024, part of the exhibition will circulate in spaces...

A light on the indigenous universe

Sesc Ipiranga launches a book about the work of photographer and ethnologist Harald Schultz, who recorded the daily life of Brazilian villages
Maria Macedo, frame of the photoperformance "Dance for a blind future”, 2021.

Youth Art Show (MAJ) reaches its 30th edition with a record number...

Created in 1989, in Ribeirão Preto, the Youth Art Exhibition (MAJ) reaches its 30th edition and makes its first tour in the city of São Paulo, at Sesc Consolação. There were 402 registrations – number...
Reproduction Sesc Avenida Paulista.

The Magic of the Manuscript: what personal documents tell about historical personalities and the...

On display at Sesc Avenida Paulista until January 15, 2023, the exhibition brings manuscripts, autographs, letters and other documents from great personalities from the past and our time; the show provides a dip into history, keeping privileged views of society in each era and revealing surprises through pieces and correspondence
The personalities invited to participate in the webseries "Untitled", by Sesc.

Sesc presents its rich collection and puts it in dialogue with contemporary personalities

New Sesc web series invites twenty personalities from different areas to talk about the works in the institution's collection, exchanging with the works and with each other; they start from a common question: "What does this work inspire you?"
Pier Paolo Pasolini. Photo: Sesc publicity.

Pasolini: Sesc celebrates centenary with special exhibitions and lectures

Held in partnership with the Instituto Italiano di Cultura, the show takes place from August 3 to 17, in the city of São Paulo, and continues with free film screenings on the Sesc Digital platform.
Sesc Pinheiros, unit that will host the seminar Brasis – Dissonant Territories

Seminar “Brazil – Dissonant Territories” discusses the construction of Brazilian identity

Event promoted by Sesc Pinheiros invites intellectuals and artists to rethink the legacy of Independence and the Week of Modern Art
Jutai River. State of Amazonas, Brazil, 2017. Photo: Sebastião Salgado.

Paradise must be defended

Sebastião Salgado portrays the beauty of the Amazon and its peoples in an urgent plea for the salvation of the forest
The Last Forest

Sesc-SP makes special program for Indigenous Diversity Day

Lectures, debates and a webseries take advantage of the date to draw attention to indigenous cultures and their respective struggles