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View of "The Parable of Progress", in the background, work "Invasão do Alemão", by Márcia Falcão

The Modernity in question

Exhibition "The Parable of Progress" reviews the myths and legacy of the Independence of Brazil and Modernism, based on contemporary artistic production
View of the DESVAIRAR 22 exhibition

“Desvairar 22” invites the public to an exercise in historical imagination

On view at Sesc Pinheiros until January 2023, the exhibition brings together an Egyptian sarcophagus, a carnival float, works of visual art, texts, music, videos and historical documents to rethink important events of 1922
View of the VII International Seminar: Culture, Democracy and Reparation

Art and culture are intertwined in a democracy

Urgent topics in the Brazilian and world sociopolitical scenarios were debated during the 22nd and 23rd of September at the Sesc Vila Mariana Auditorium in São Paulo
Work from the series "Outros Navios", by Eustáquio Neves. Credit: Disclosure

“Outros Navios” brings an overview of the work of photographer Eustáquio Neves

On display at Sesc Ipiranga, the exhibition seeks to reveal other layers of Brazilian independence and to focus on the ethnic-racial relations promoted in the past and present.
CURA BH has an open call for artists

Institutions and projects have open calls for artists

Bienal Sesc_Videobrasil, CURA 2022, Instituto Inclusartiz and Festival Ubatuba open public notices during the month of August; learn more about initiatives and application requirements
Horizontal, color image. CELESTINAS, by Penna Prearo, exhibited in LABYRINTHS REVISITED, exhibition at Sesc Bom Retiro

The labyrinths of Penna Prearo

A arte!brasileiros visited the solo exhibition "Labirintos Revisitados", on display at Sesc Bom Retiro, and spoke with artist Penna Prearo and co-curator Baixo Ribeiro
View of the Xilograffiti exhibition, at Sesc Consolação. Photo: Evelson de Freitas

A meeting between woodcut and graffiti

On display at Sesc Consolação, "Xilograffiti" promotes dialogue between the two artistic languages; watch the exhibition video
Record of performance at the exhibition "Letters to the World" at Sesc Av. Paulista. Photo: Alisson Sbrana

“Letters to the world”, exhibition-manifesto by Bia Lessa, rethinks the world based on Glauber...

Those who visit Sesc Avenida Paulista on a Saturday at 10 am will see a completely different exhibition from someone who visits the same space at 18 pm. Both, however, are in front of Letters to the World, an exhibition-manifesto with...
Ray-that-breaks it:

“Raio-que-o-parta: fictions of the modern in Brazil” at Sesc 24 de Maio; Watch the video

On display at Sesc from May 24 to August 7, the exhibition Raio-que-o-parta: fictions of the modern in Brazil reflects on the notion of “modern art” in Brazil beyond the 1920s...

Exhibition at Sesc Bom Retiro brings together artists and collectives working in Cracolândia

On view until February 27 at Sesc Bom Retiro, the collective show Birico: autonomous poetics in flux presents works by artists and collectives active in the so-called Cracolândia, in downtown São Paulo. In between...