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View of the DESVAIRAR 22 exhibition

“Desvairar 22” invites the public to an exercise in historical imagination

On view at Sesc Pinheiros until January 2023, the exhibition brings together an Egyptian sarcophagus, a carnival float, works of visual art, texts, music, videos and historical documents to rethink important events of 1922
Sesc Pinheiros, unit that will host the seminar Brasis – Dissonant Territories

Seminar “Brazil – Dissonant Territories” discusses the construction of Brazilian identity

Event promoted by Sesc Pinheiros invites intellectuals and artists to rethink the legacy of Independence and the Week of Modern Art

Independent spaces are highlighted in an exhibition organized by Ateliê397 at Sesc Pinheiros

Exhibition presents 40 works by artists and collectives with passages in independent art spaces and platforms such as Ateliê397 itself.

Watch the video about “Overflowing: transgressions of embroidery in art”, at Sesc Pinheiros

If during the Middle Ages "textile arts enjoyed an important place in the artistic pantheon", it was in the Renaissance that they came to be seen as inferior practices to other forms of expression -...

Agenda: Check out the highlights of the week August 4-10

Sesc Pinheiros presents The Trans-Atlantic Other, Caixa Cultural de SP explores the senses in art and Valeska Soares has a 30-year retrospective at Pina Estação

Dias, Gerchman and Barros: a rescue of figuration

The three artists on display at Sesc Pinheiros make use of everyday images as a form of expression and a growing appropriation of graphic language

Agenda: Check out the highlights from April 21 to 27

In a post-SP-Arte week, rare are the galleries that open exhibitions, but institutions such as Sesc and Museu Afro Brasil stand out, the latter opening five exhibitions at once. On the other hand, Galeria Nara Roesler opens an exhibition by Abraham Palatnik in Rio de Janeiro