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Maria Macedo, frame of the photoperformance "Dance for a blind future”, 2021.

Youth Art Show (MAJ) reaches its 30th edition with a record number...

Created in 1989, in Ribeirão Preto, the Youth Art Exhibition (MAJ) reaches its 30th edition and makes its first tour in the city of São Paulo, at Sesc Consolação. There were 402 registrations – number...
View of the Xilograffiti exhibition, at Sesc Consolação. Photo: Evelson de Freitas

A meeting between woodcut and graffiti

On display at Sesc Consolação, "Xilograffiti" promotes dialogue between the two artistic languages; watch the exhibition video
Horizontal, color photo. View of the MIRROR COUNTRIES exhibition. In the foreground, sculptures of animals, some colored, in wood, others in straw. In the background, a mural with capulanas and fabrics from different regions of Angola, Mozambique, Guinea Bissau, São Tomé and Principe, Cape Verde and Brazil. Kazuo Kajihara's photo.

“Mirrored Countries”, at Sesc Consolação, shows cultural encounters between Brazil and African nations of...

The piassava palm straw weaves on the north coast of Bahia create a clear dialogue with the basketry made on the north coast of Cabo Delgado, in Mozambique, as well as the graphics of traditional basketry...

The radical resistance in “Fúria” and “Bacurau”

In times of cholera, the dance show and film provide an immersion in new worlds

We are unable to respond to everyone – SESC Consolação

Exhibition on the punk rock scene of the 80s and 90s runs until March 5