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Image from the book Memórias Sangradas, life and death in the times of the cangaço

The cangaço yesterday and today

Book "Bled memories: life and death in the times of the cangaço", by Ricardo Beliel, brings together photos and testimonies recorded by the journalist over the years touring the northeastern hinterland

Debate with Júlia Rebouças and Durval Muniz discusses the sertão and the idea of...

Event held by MAM and ARTE!Brasileiros raised relevant discussions on the construction of concepts in society and on the curatorship of the 36th Panorama of Brazilian Art

ARTE!Brasileiros and MAM-SP promote debate “Sertão: experimentation and resistance”

Conversation brings together Júlia Rebouças and Durval Muniz de Albuquerque Júnior on April 4, in the auditorium of MAM-SP

Taipa's Troy

Second Edition of Os Sertões, by the publisher UbU, is ready, with ten thousand variants made by the author and vast critical fortune, for the next edition of FLIP 2019