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View of the VII International Seminar: Culture, Democracy and Reparation

Art and culture are intertwined in a democracy

Urgent topics in the Brazilian and world sociopolitical scenarios were debated during the 22nd and 23rd of September at the Sesc Vila Mariana Auditorium in São Paulo
Sesc Pinheiros, unit that will host the seminar Brasis – Dissonant Territories

Seminar “Brazil – Dissonant Territories” discusses the construction of Brazilian identity

Event promoted by Sesc Pinheiros invites intellectuals and artists to rethink the legacy of Independence and the Week of Modern Art

arte!brasileiros wins ABCA award for dissemination of visual arts in the media

Plataforma, which completed ten years in 2020, receives the Antônio Bento Award from the Brazilian Association of Art Critics; find out who were the other winners of this edition of the award
Beuys VI Seminar ARTE!Brasileiros

Against devastation! 

The “VI International Seminar ARTE!Brasileiros: In defense of nature and culture – the art of the possible”, carried out in partnership with the Goethe-Institut, will take place virtually on October 8 and 9, bringing together important artists, philosophers, scientists, environmentalists and curators; learn more about the event and see the confirmed names

FAMA takes art brut to Itu

With the opening of Bispo do Rosário exhibition, art as worldbuilding seminar takes to itu discussions around art brut, or outsider art, and presents international artists and experts integrating the movement

FAME takes Art Brut to Itu

With the opening of an exhibition by Bispo do Rosário, the international seminar 'Art as the construction of worlds' brings discussions to Itu around Art Brut, or Outsider Art, and presents artists who are part of the movement, with interventions by specialists on the subject

The Education of the Look and the Reading of Images

From the works that he researches, chooses and conserves From the dialogue between artists and the public, From the heritage of a country or a foundation, From cultural diversity, From the relationship between public affairs and...
Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Award

Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage awards the artist Mônica Nador

Since 2016, curators Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath have been at the head of the Montblanc Cultural Foundation with the aim of researching and strategizing with the Foundation. Traveled and appointed curators from various...
Different global perspectives in the experimentation of art in the v seminar of artebrasileiros

V Seminar ARTE!Brasileiros debate the limits of art

The international meeting that takes place every two years, gives voice to new trends and presents the best in international artistic production