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View of the DESVAIRAR 22 exhibition

“Desvairar 22” invites the public to an exercise in historical imagination

On view at Sesc Pinheiros until January 2023, the exhibition brings together an Egyptian sarcophagus, a carnival float, works of visual art, texts, music, videos and historical documents to rethink important events of 1922
View of NAKOADA, in Mam Rio, with MAHKU's work highlighted

A nakoada for art

On display until November 27, "Nakoada" starts from Baniwa indigenous ethics to think about future perspectives from the Modern Art Week

The various 22 and the war of narratives in Brazil

On display at Arte132, the exhibition proposes a confrontation with consolidated imaginaries and invites other galleries and independent artists to a provocative dialogue curated by Lilia Schwarcz
Untitled, José Antonio da Silva, at the Raio-que-o-parta exhibition

Exuberant visuals in a critical tone

Fabio Cypriano writes a review of the exhibition “Raio-que o parte: fictions of the modern in Brazil”, at Sesc 24 de Maio
Guanabara Bay, by Ismael Nery

Rethinking Modernism from the Week of 1922

Centenary celebrated this year broadens the debate on the vanguards, relativizes the centrality of the São Paulo event and stimulates discussion about the unfolding and effects of movement in time and space

Notes on the Group of Five: a hint of melancholy in the centenary of the Week

Group of Five is a drawing that Anita Malfatti produced in the second half of 1922, a few months after the Modern Art Week. In it, the artist, in addition to portraying herself lying on...

Too bad Oswald wasn't born in Rio, right?

Interesting how, once again, the Brazilian belletrist tradition puts the visual arts and their circuit to the side, when it comes to reflecting on art and culture in the country. The most recently...

What to read in 2022?

The centenary of the 1922 Modern Art Week and the hundredth anniversary of the release of one of the most important novels of the 20th century - James Joyce's Ulysses - coexist with a moment...

Victor Brecheret's sculpture: between tradition and contemporaneity

On the eve of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Week of Modern Art, it is important to reflect on the figure of the Italian-Brazilian sculptor Victor Brecheret (1894-1955), a professional whose work is awaiting reassessment. This text pays attention to the...
Debret's Traumatic Updates, 2019-2021, Ge Viana

Where to find Brazilianness after the modern ones?

CCBB traveling exhibition arrives in São Paulo with works by 51 artists; "Brasilidade Pós-Modernismo" wants the public to notice, observe and notice so that an innovative discussion about Brazilian Modernism comes to light, meeting the demand of our time