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To empower women (and black people)

We cannot expect the mere passage of time to promote real equality for our fellow countrymen.

A country that doesn't even notice its destruction

"Can so much destruction be the result of chance alone? Is it, forgive the involuntary rhyme, just neglect?", writes Renato Janine Ribeiro

Law over science

There are practically no human sciences before the XNUMXth century. That is to say that sociology, anthropology, political science, psychology and even history, as sciences, are at most two hundred years old. There were precursors, but essentially what today...

Can there be Facebook without hate?

Why has Facebook become an arena that cannot live without hate? I wonder. Not two or three days go by without a new polemic arising, but always charged with the worst passions. O...

FHC and the historic mission of the PSDB

Around 1980, Fernando Henrique Cardoso made an important decision. He had been elected an alternate senator in 1978, with votes going from left to center. He was on the horizon of the time...