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Issue #58 contributors

Christian Dunker is a full professor in Psychoanalysis and Clinical Psychopathology at the Institute of Psychology at the University of São Paulo, with a postdoctoral degree in language pathologies. He is the author of a number of books, among them...

Afro-descendants, the internet and democracy at the end of the tunnel

While this too is a very distant dream, it is much closer than the dream of a golden age. However, the first requirement is memory. Poor memory benefits...


“Afro-Brazilian art, by the way, is not a style, it is not an avant-garde, not even a social or artistic movement; is the art of Brazil – if not pleonasm”, writes researcher Renato Araújo in an article for the arte!brasileiros

Issue #53 contributors

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“Do you think the Portuguese are white?” “Afro-Brazilian” art as construction

“Taking into account the level of its historiographical and critical reach, I understood that I was facing one of the main events in the field of art history in Brazil in recent years”, writes Tadeu Chiarelli about "Afro-Brazilian Art: Altos e Baixos de a concept”, book by Renato Araújo da Silva; read the review and access the work