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The 11th Berlin Biennale: contemplating the idea of ​​exchange

After being postponed for three months due to the pandemic, the last exhibition of the 11th Berlin Biennale was opened to the public last weekend; the event is curated by Renata Cervetto, Agustin Pérez Rubio, Lisette Lagnado and María Berríos and since September 2019 it has been gradually opening its exhibitions
Manifest Biennial

we are all responsible

Berlin Biennale and Manifesta, in Marseille, have their openings postponed to September, but content already revolved around issues raised by the world in a pandemic

Berlin Biennale begins by evoking Flávio de Carvalho

Scheduled for June 2020, the 11th edition of the German exhibition, which has among its curators Agustín Pérez Rubio and Lisette Lagnado, starts this week, opening the process to the public