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"My dreams" by Maksaens Denis. Photo: Disclosure 22nd Sesc_Videobrasil Biennial

Sesc_Videobrasil Biennial turns 40 years old, aiming for continued research and access to its collection

At the head of Videobrasil since its first edition in 1983, Solange Farkas highlights that the exhibition has always aimed to "illuminate certain areas of the world", especially the production of regions that today we usually call...
Matthew Moreira

"Tragedy!" challenges artists to create links between an earthquake, the Week of 22 and...

Until October 15th, the Galpão da Fortes D'Aloia & Gabriel, in São Paulo, presents the group exhibition with 13 artists, such as Adriana Varejão, Ivens Machado and Mateus Moreira, curated by Raphael Fonseca, with works that refer to destruction, discard and loss
Ray-that-breaks it:

“Raio-que-o-parta: fictions of the modern in Brazil” at Sesc 24 de Maio; Watch the video

On display at Sesc from May 24 to August 7, the exhibition Raio-que-o-parta: fictions of the modern in Brazil reflects on the notion of “modern art” in Brazil beyond the 1920s...

A vast public archive on curation in Brazil

In more than a hundred interviews conducted virtually with curators, Raphael Fonseca presents the plurality of professionals in the country, their stories, research and the difficulties of working in a very precarious market.