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Sculptures by Dawaran Ayesha Hadhir, Rawdha Al Ketbi, Shaikha Al Ketbi at the "Manar Abu Dhabi" exhibition. Photo: Fabio Cypriano

Light is raw material for superlative exhibition in Abu Dhabi

Superlative is a condition that seems to be routine in the United Arab Emirates, but the Manar Abu Dhabi light art exhibition, opened at the end of last November, has reached a level that is truly beyond...
Pedro Reyes, "Hypnopedia", present at Instituto Ling, at the 13th Mercosul Biennial. Photo: Thiele Elissa

Mercosul Biennial talks about trauma, dream and escape

The theme alludes to the times lived in the pandemic and to the desire to come together again, elements that emerge in part of the 100 works on display.