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The role of culture in mental health

Culture teaches us how to suffer and, conversely, how to treat suffering in the collective and individual context of caring for the self, writes psychoanalyst Christian Dunker; read the article

The Education of the Look and the Reading of Images

From the works that he researches, chooses and conserves From the dialogue between artists and the public, From the heritage of a country or a foundation, From cultural diversity, From the relationship between public affairs and...

The decolonization of thought in the work of Grada Kilomba

In 2016, psychoanalyst and cultural critic Suely Rolnik interviewed exclusively for ARTE!Brasileiros Portuguese artist Grada Kilomba

A ceiling entirely by Rose Klabin

Sutartine’s sculptures, which in Lithuanian means “agreement”, are the result of the search for an understanding of the self and the public and private role of the female artist.

Article: Places of Thought

Psychoanalyst Tania Rivera talks about her experience curating the exhibition Lugares do Delírio exhibited at SESC Pompéia

Displacements I

The 'Displacements' event took place at Sedes Sapientiae, in São Paulo, on the first weekend of May 2018
black women march

Genres and their discontents

When I was in England in 2001, the academic environment was buzzing around the legacy of feminist theories from the 1970s, now reinvigorated in Gender Studies, gay and lesbian studies and more...