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Horizontal photo, black and white. In the midst of the choreography, João Paulo Lima has both hands and the only knee on the floor, keeping his back aligned, on a plank over his knee. He's in profile. He uses a costume that refers to the practices of bondage and sadomasochism, with most of the skin exposed, semi-nude. This photo is a still of the show DEVOTEES, presented in the program Zona de Criação, from the Cultural Hub of Ceará PORTO DRAGÃO.

The [non] market of inclusion: ableism in the world of the arts

Artists reflect on the dilemmas of including people with disabilities (PWD) in the art world and talk about ableism and accessibility
Artist Cyshimi thinks about decoloniality in Asian-Brazilian art

Beyond the stereotype: Brazilian art by Asian-Brazilians

In recent years, the debate about prejudices and the inclusion of minorities has come to occupy a growing space in the arts circuit. However, little is heard about the inclusion (or exclusion) of Asian-Brazilian people...

Prejudice Game: test identifies prejudices against Northeasterners in Brazil

On the occasion of Northeastern Day, celebrated on October 8, an advertising agency created a game that proudly exposes the beautiful face of the Northeastern people, and, at the same time, the horrible face...

Building and Deconstructing

In a world where many walls are built, some of bricks and others of prejudice, to avoid contact with those who are different, some are also being deconstructed.