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Pedro Reyes, "Hypnopedia", present at Instituto Ling, at the 13th Mercosul Biennial. Photo: Thiele Elissa

Mercosul Biennial talks about trauma, dream and escape

The theme alludes to the times lived in the pandemic and to the desire to come together again, elements that emerge in part of the 100 works on display.
Xadalu's work exhibited at the Iberê Camargo Foundation

Individual Xadalu in Porto Alegre addresses the erasure of indigenous culture

"Indigenous Area", reads the reminders scattered through the streets of the capital of Rio Grande do Sul. The licks, posters, paintings and flags in which this phrase is written are by Xadalu Tupã Jekupé, a mixed-race artist of...

Rio Grande do Sul Art Museum exhibits 250 works from the Sartori Collection

Amidst the historic center of Porto Alegre, the Museu de Arte do Rio Grande do Sul (MARGS) presents a contemporary look at the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil and art. Curated by...
Horizontal, color image. View of the exhibition SANTÍDIO PEREIRA INCISIONS CUTS ENCAIXES, at the Iberê Camargo Foundation. Room with white walls and wooden floor. On the left, two large paintings, side by side; on the right a painting more than 2 meters high; in the center a large frame, about 1 meter, next to a sequence of 6 small frames. All works are woodcuts of bromeliads.

Santídio Pereira exhibits at the Iberê Camargo Foundation, in Porto Alegre

With works that revisit childhood memories, "Santídio Pereira: incisions cut-outs" is the artist's first solo show in a museum