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Installation by Elisa Bracher, with iron clotheslines from which her drawings hang. Photo: Eduardo Simões

Elisa Bracher creates a dialogue with the exhibition space, a hallmark of her work, through...

Twenty-five years after holding her first solo show at the Pinacoteca de São Paulo, Elisa Bracher creates a dialogue with the exhibition space, a hallmark of her work, through three installations, made of wood,...
Scene from "O Bailado do Deus Morto", a show by Flávio de Carvalho, staged by Teatro Oficina. Photo: Igor Marotti

From today (January 26) to Sunday, Sesc Pompeia will host 'O Bailado do Deus Morto',...

From Thursday (26/1) until Sunday, Teatro Sesc Pompeia will host O Bailado do Deus Morto, with Teatro Oficina. Directed by Marcelo Drummond, the four presentations mark the closing of visits to the exhibition...
Matarazzo City

Matarazzo City, contemporary art and neoliberalism

Based on the luxurious real estate project being built in São Paulo, the curator and researcher points to the dangerous use of contemporary art by neoliberal logic, questions the capitalist model that claims to “defend” diversity and discusses the precariousness of labor relations.
farce - sesc pompeii

“HURT. Language, fracture, fiction: Brazil-Portugal” at Sesc Pompeia

"How do we feel language these days?". This is one of the questions that guided Marta Mestre and Pollyana Quintella in the curatorship of FARSA. Language, fracture, fiction: Brazil-Portugal, exhibition at Sesc Pompeia,...
visit sesc pompeii

A visit to Sesc Pompeia in times of a pandemic

The first visit to contemporary art exhibitions, after eight months of confinement, gains relevance today in the work of French-Algerian Kader Attia