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Open Atelier at Pivô Research 2020

Pivô has an open call for artistic residencies

Applications for the cycles of the Pivô Pesquisa program are open until November 6th, which in this edition have the general coordination of the artist, curator and researcher Mônica Hoff.
Collaborative Fund

Standalone art spaces create collaborative background for artists

Articulation of six institutions from different regions of the country consolidates a support network for art professionals in a context of pandemic and absence of public policies in culture

The Grace of Faith

*By Claudinei Roberto da Silva Among us, an extensive cultural, ideological, legislative, religious and media apparatus was created to justify, meet and guarantee the permanence of privileges of that part of the population that directly or...
Still from "Mesa curandera", by Louidgi Beltrame, 2018. Photo: publicity.

Pivô opens collective exhibition that reflects on the division between nature and culture

“A natural history of ruins” reacts to the idea of ​​nature as a resource and features works by Denilson Baniwa, Louidgi Beltrame, David Bestué and Minia Biabiany, among others.
Open Atelier at Pivô Research 2020

Pivô opens registration for the artistic residency program

For seven years, Pivô has been developing an artistic residency program: Pivô Pesquisa. In permanent activity since 2013, the program seeks both the development of individual research and the creation of an environment...

Collaborative project brings together galleries and cultural spaces on a virtual platform

Transe will work on the website of the gallery Fortes D'Aloia e Gabriel as a network of collaboration and exhibition of artistic works that will be renewed every three months; first stage has nine cultural entities
Satellite pivot

Pivô launches Satellite, an online project that will exhibit works by twelve artists

With the objective of contributing to the creation of a support network for the Brazilian artistic community, Pivô Satélite will present experimental projects specially designed for the internet and selected by three young curators.

300 Drawings brings together artists around humanitarian causes

Project created in quarantine brings together emerging and established artists to raise funds for three important humanitarian organizations

Pivô promotes 8th Annual Wall Auction

The event will have more than one hundred works available for bids, by artists such as Anna Maria Maiolino, Erika Verzutti and Sonia Gomes

Pivô presents “Instant Weather Prediction”, by Argentine Eduardo Navarro

With a large installation made up of 30 costumes created by the artist, the exhibition features public actions and programs in which performers or visitors are invited to activate the costumes.