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VERB 16 - 5-Dance for a blind future_2021_maria macedo (4)

Ancestry and racial and gender issues guide the 16th Verb

With programming in Galeria Vermelho, in São Paulo, and in Chão, in São Luís do Maranhão, the performance show brings together 38 in-person actions or actions created for video cameras
Alexandre da Cunha

“REVIRAVOLTA” takes the Videobrasil collection to Espírito Santo

On display until September at MAES and at Galeria Homero Massena, in Vitória, the exhibition highlights the political vocation that runs through the video production of the Global South
Installation of Urs Fischer in the Paris Bourse de Commerce roundabout

Paris: restoration and culture of memory

At a time of relative respite from the pandemic that has been plaguing us for almost two years, Paris took the opportunity to present some of its novelties with contemporary jewelry.

With “Extinction is forever”, Nuno Ramos seeks a multilingual answer to the Brazilian situation

In memory of everyone who lost their lives in the pandemic, a flame was lit this week at Sesc Avenida Paulista. A small zippo lighter, which would usually hold the flame for about fifteen seconds,...
Horizontal photo, black and white. In the midst of the choreography, João Paulo Lima has both hands and the only knee on the floor, keeping his back aligned, on a plank over his knee. He's in profile. He uses a costume that refers to the practices of bondage and sadomasochism, with most of the skin exposed, semi-nude. This photo is a still of the show DEVOTEES, presented in the program Zona de Criação, from the Cultural Hub of Ceará PORTO DRAGÃO.

The [non] market of inclusion: ableism in the world of the arts

Artists reflect on the dilemmas of including people with disabilities (PWD) in the art world and talk about ableism and accessibility
In the foreground, wooden divisions on the wall have the writing "Entre Bordas", vertically. In the background, a woman looks at paintings from the exhibition "Between edges - sounds that escape" on the wall

“Entre Bordas – Sons que Escapam”, new in-person exhibition at Sesc Santo André

What are the sounds that escape the edges? It is from this question that Entre Bordas - Sons que Escapam, the new in-person exhibition of Sesc Santo André, starts. Curated by Paula Braga, the show...

Brazil in reverse

Commissioned by the Berlin Biennale, film-performance honors coronavirus victims and opposes the “civilizational setback” by occupying Av. Paulista with cars driven in reverse; learn more and watch the video

Long-term performance and the pandemic in each of us

"The performer, in addition to moving through time, puts himself in rituals that intend these limits often misunderstood by those who are outside the observation and, by irony of fate, very similar to what we are experiencing", writes the artist Marco Paulo rolla

The greatest performance in Brazilian history

In the second round of elections, people left home to vote with a book in hand

The decolonization of thought in the work of Grada Kilomba

In 2016, psychoanalyst and cultural critic Suely Rolnik interviewed exclusively for ARTE!Brasileiros Portuguese artist Grada Kilomba