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Integration is the motto of Inhotim’s programming in 2024

A resumption of monographic projects, solo exhibitions dedicated to specific works by some artists, as well as unique, immersive works that promote compelling experiences. This is how the artistic director of Inhotim, Júlia Rebouças,...
Installation of Urs Fischer in the Paris Bourse de Commerce roundabout

Paris: restoration and culture of memory

At a time of relative respite from the pandemic that has been plaguing us for almost two years, Paris took the opportunity to present some of its novelties with contemporary jewelry.

MAC USP and MAM-SP present joint exhibition “Zona da Mata”

The result of a partnership between the institutions, the exhibition sheds light on the latent problems of Brazil and the relationship between culture and nature

Emanoel Araújo, art connoisseur

In an interview published in September 2014, in issue 26 of ARTE!Brasileiros, Adriano Pedrosa talked to Emanoel Araújo