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Amácio Mazzaropi in "Jeca Tatu" (1959)

From Jeca Tatu to Nhô Nito

With the exception of Manoel Querino (1851-1923), intellectuals who wrote about the visual arts during the First Republic started from the following assumption: a branch of European art was developing in Brazil. Some would try to propose or detect...
"The Raising of Lazarus" (1928), by Anita Malfatti. Courtesy: São Paulo Museum of Sacred Art

“I’m sorry, Anita dear”

In September 1928, back in São Paulo after five years in Paris, Anita Malfatti came across the city's cultural stagnation. Deceitful doldrums, so to speak, similar to that which also seemed to prevail there in...

Anthropophagy versus modernism

In the contrast between the two movements, it is important to recover the debate around the visual arts and the memory of Oswaldo Costa, an important critic of culture and art in the second half of the 20s, in São Paulo

Notes on the Group of Five: a hint of melancholy in the centenary of the Week

Group of Five is a drawing that Anita Malfatti produced in the second half of 1922, a few months after the Modern Art Week. In it, the artist, in addition to portraying herself lying on...

Too bad Oswald wasn't born in Rio, right?

Interesting how, once again, the Brazilian belletrist tradition puts the visual arts and their circuit to the side, when it comes to reflecting on art and culture in the country. The most recently...