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Never like now: the recent paintings by No Martins

With large works that contradict narratives in which need and violence are immediately associated with the daily lives of black people, the artist presents an artistic project that understands its social and historical dimension.
Work by Heitor dos Prazeres, an important artist for Afro-Brazilian art studies

What do we talk about when we talk about Afro-Brazilian art?

If the history, memory, art and science of the excluded, the divergent and the peripheral are summoned to testify about the present moment, this denounces the emergence via insurgency of actors who demand protagonism, but also points to the exhaustion of a political model and economic, which in its throes threatens life on the planet

No Martins denounces the architecture of violence and individual racism in London

Comprising ten works, five of them unpublished, Social Signs marks the Brazilian artist's first solo exhibition in the United Kingdom, at the Jack Bell Gallery; in the show, the social issues that mark the work of the paulistano remain central

Decolonial, de-othering: imagining a post-national policy that institutes new subjectivities (2nd part)

Based on a discussion raised by Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung on the occasion of the 21st Bienal Sesc_VideoBrasil, Márcio Seligmann-Silva reflects on colonial and post-colonial issues; read the second part of the text

Into the Hurricane

Arte Director Brazilian Write in the Editorial of the 49th Edition That “In Art, The Answer is an Active Denunciation” About the Scars of Centuries That the Actions of the State Deepen

inside the hurricane

Director of ARTE!Brasileiros writes in the editorial of issue 49 that “in art, the answer is an active denunciation” about the scars of centuries that the actions of the State deepen