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Museum of Images of the Unconscious. Fernando Diniz, oil on paper, 1953. Photo: Publicity.

Museum of Images of the Unconscious opens virtual collective exhibition

The virtual exhibition “Três Artistas de Engenho de Dentro” will be launched on the National Anti-Asylum Struggle Day and features 90 works by Adelina Gomes, Fernando Diniz and Octávio Ignácio

Bispo do Rosário Museum guarantees its existence

Located in Jacarepaguá in the west of Rio de Janeiro, the Arthur Bispo do Rosário Arte Contemporânea Museum, formerly named Nise da Silveira, is today a reference for contemporary art. He occupies a...

Places of Delirium, a must see, at Sesc Pompeia in São Paulo

The exhibition erases boundaries between reason and madness, more than 150 works by plastic artists and psychiatric patients from the Nise da Silveira and Juqueri Hospital centers