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portrait of Rugendas


Representation has already been in question throughout a History of Western Art, and its annihilation has already been a goal in favor of a pure, technical art, free of iconographic narrative. Concretism, as an artistic movement, reinforced the forms, planes, colors, materials, spatiality, and, mainly, the non-subjectivity of art as art-itself

In Vila Velha, Espírito Santo, a new project proposes a dialogue between art...

Opened in May, the Casa do Governador Cultural Park houses 21 works by artists from Espírito Santo and other Brazilian states.
Commented Collection VB "Insight", by Sebastián Díaz Morales. Photo: Publicity / Artist's website.

“Insight”, by Sebastián Díaz Morales, in the new Videobrasil Commented Collection

Curator and artist Nicolas Soares analyzes the work of Díaz Morales and highlights elements that question reality and its representation, what the image is and when it is formed